Anniversary Gift

Ready to shop for anniversary gifts? Congratulations! We are also a couple that enjoys Cards & Conversation and can confidently say it's been a wonderful part of our relationship.

Cards & Conversation offers 200 fantastic conversation starters for the dinner table, road trip, weekend getaway, or to kickstart that romantic night in.  We celebrate 5-star reviews as part of first dates and long time wedding anniversaries. Conversations range from funny and imaginative to deep and thought-provoking so you are certain to inspire your partner on your special day. 

Give Cards & Conversation as a standalone gift or pair with snacks or a bottle of wine to create a wonderful experience. We fit neatly in a gift basket or just put a bow around us. This year, give the gift of meaningful conversation and deeper connections.

"We sat for more than three hours and truly communicated....something that we are often to busy to do."

by: Joan

"The cards have really great questions that I have never even thought to ask my [relationship] of 10 years."

by: S. Lammy

"I got these cards to spice up the conversation and wow did it work!"

by: Dillon

"[This} brings us even closer together, even after (gasp!) twenty-seven years of honeymooning. We are pleased to recommend them."

by: James

"You can use these for years to come without them starting to feel outdated a few years down the road."

by: Jeff

Cards & Conversation is ready to be a memorable part of your anniversary. We truly believe these are the best conversation cards available and hope you do too. Order on Amazon or click the link below and we'll ship direct to your door. From our family to yours, we wish you many great conversations.

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