Conversation with Elderly Parents and Grandparents

Millions of older adults across the country struggle with feelings of loneliness, isolation, and lack of regular companionship. According to a survey conducted by University of Michigan – AARP, 1-in-3 adults say they lack regular companionship. We also know that loneliness is associated with declining health.

The great news is that older adults often have amazing stories to share. Senior Citizens have wisdom and experience. You might adore their innocence, or they might astonish you with their tales. A conversation with an older or elderly adult might reveal a life lesson that sticks with you.

Feel free to print these conversation starters. No download or purchase required; however, please consider ordering Cards & Conversation. They feature more than 200 quality conversation starters appropriate for groups of all types. They are great for Zoom and Facetime and also printed on a deck of traditional playing cards for some new games during that in-person visit.

Cover photo courtesy of Rod Long on Unsplash

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"I was so happy with the quality of the cards when I received them. I have a 90 year old aunt in the nursing home and we play card games and this deck has taken our games to a new level. I have found out so many interesting things about the life she led and the the changes that have happened in her 90 years. Without the cards, I would not have thought to ask the questions and would have missed out on so many wonderful things in her life. Even playing alone, it encourages her to think about things and helps keep her mind sharp."

by: Cheryl

"I sat with our grandkids (11-15) and played it around the table. They later wanted to play it with their parents."

by: Wilma D

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