Conversation with Kids and Teens

Shopping for kids and teens can be tough. Not every gift can be the coolest new toy or experience but you can do better than socks, right?  We recommend Cards & Conversation. It is a great standalone gift or as part of a larger gift. This is what you are giving with Cards & Conversation:

Academic and Developmental Benefits:
  • Harvard research says communication with students includes boosts in vocabulary and academic achievement as well a reduction of high-risk behaviors. 
  • Communication improves active listening and negotiation skills along with logical reasoning and problem solving.
  • Conversation and brainstorming can inspire Makerspace STEM and STEAM ideas.

Fun Benefits:

  • Great for family dinners and to engage with classmates during Zoom lessons.
  • Also a traditional deck of cards so you can play Memory, Go-Fish, Solitaire, or other fun games.
  • This gift will not start to feel outdated. We have used ours for 6 years and they still inspire new conversation.

Cards & Conversation includes over 200 great conversation starters that range from funny and imaginative to deep and thought-provoking. Parents are often delighted to hear we print on high quality German card stock. We truly believe they are the best conversation cards available and hope you do too. 

"We gave these cards as a gift for some very social kids. What a cool idea!"

by: ButterflySongs

"I enjoy playing with my teen boys. These questions are great conversation starters. Thanks for the fun!"

by: Tracy V

"Some questions are more geared for adults but certainly appropriate for kids of all ages. No racy or adult-only themes."

by: Lindsay

"My teenage son had the idea to get these cards to stimulate discussions during our drives to and from school. So far we've had some really good conversations."

by: DMC

"Cell phones down, eye to eye engagement up."

by: Harmshouse

"We sat for more than three hours and truly communicated....something that we are often to busy to do."

by: Joan L.

Cards & Conversation is not a kiddie toy that your child outgrows. They are just as appropriate in your makerspace as your family dinner table. 200 unique conversation topics make it easy to find an inspired conversation starter. Order below and we'll ship direct to your door or order on Amazon. From our family to yours, we wish you many great conversations.

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