Conversations during Quarantine

Welcome to Cards & Conversation. Glad you are here. The world feels different right now and many of us are looking for better connections to the people that matter to us. While we recommend Cards & Conversation, sometimes there's a different type of conversation that comes first in our minds. 

Authentic conversation can be emotionally and mentally uplifting. It can spice up our routine. It can inspire us to laugh, think, and dream. It can make us smile, reflect upon fond memories, and plan the future. It is a great reason to put down the cell phone for awhile. 

Cards & Conversation includes over 200 great conversation starters that range from funny and imaginative to deep and thought-provoking. Talk about more than weather, work, or sports with friends, family, coworkers, and groups of all types. Open them at the dinner table or during your next Zoom chat. Pair with snacks or a glass of wine to start a great evening with someone special.

"We have absolutely loved using them to change up our regular FaceTime dates."

by: Amazon Customer

"Great to use with family and friends. My husband and I will go through these to learn more about each other."

by: C. Bryant

 "My 10 year old, 15 year old, their friends and myself enjoy them."

by: A. Osland

"If you have ever had a group of friends or family struggling to find common ground for a conversation, this is a great aid."

by: Crawfish Queen

"I was so happy with the quality of the cards when I received them. I have a 90 year old aunt in the nursing home. We play card games and this deck has taken our games to a new level."

by: Cheryl

Wife and I found things like this to be a tool to bring us even closer together, even after (gasp!) twenty-seven years of honeymooning. We are pleased to recommend them.

by: James K

Ready to make better connections? We truly believe these are the best conversation cards available. Order on Amazon or click the link below and we'll ship direct to your door. If you'd find it useful, type “counsel” and “support” on our Amazon site to see real customer reviews.

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