How do you talk with a grieving person?

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things most of us will experience. Grieving takes time and support. If you are the person supporting, the questions below can be a useful guide but they are not a substitute for professional grief counseling.

Grief happens in stages which means no set of questions is perfect. As you begin the conversation, find a private place to talk. Be open, interested, and respectful. It’s OK to speak of the person in the past tense. Use his or her name, and words such as “dead, death, and died” are OK.

The questions below are yours to use and we sincerely hope they help. As the person moves through the grieving process, consider ordering Cards & Conversation. Four topics on each card let you choose an appropriate question for circumstances or you can just enjoy traditional card games. We send sincere condolences on your loss and hope genuine conversations are part of your healing process.

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