How to spend the final minutes of a job interview

The job market is competitive, but the hiring process has not changed much. You still get an interview based on your skills and experience and then your interview is an opportunity to share your story and connect on a personal level. The final minutes of the interview are usually your time to ask questions. Asking questions shows you are interested in both the company and in continuing the interview process.

You should prepare questions and follow a few basic rules. Avoid questions easily found on a company website and be cautious asking too many questions about one topic, as it may signal to the interviewer that it is an area of concern. Use good judgement discussing salary and benefits and be aware of the time allowed for the interview so you can ask permission if the time is running longer. And of course, remember that this is your opportunity to listen and learn. It is generally a good idea to let the other person do most of the talking.

The final minutes of a job interview are an opportunity to leave a great final impression and make sure the role is the right fit for you. The questions below are a useful guide. 

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