How to succeed as an introvert

You can be an introvert and still be capable, smart, or even charismatic. An introvert is most simply defined as being recharged by alone time (or one-on-one with someone you are very close to).  Some famous introverts include Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Dr. Seuss, and Barack Obama. Each introvert is unique so look for the ideas below that are most useful for you.

Self-awareness is an important trait for an introvert. Try these examples:

  • Are you introverted or shy? An introverted person enjoys time alone. A shy person does not necessarily want to be alone but may be afraid to interact with others. 

  • Think about situations that make you feel uneasy. Examples may include noisy places, group meetings, family dinner, or going on a date.

Being self-aware can help you prepare for situations that may be uncomfortable. It also allows you to make the most of your strengths. Introverts tend to be great listeners. You are likely to be observant, absorb information, and notice group dynamics that others may miss. Use these strengths in your personal and professional life.

Introverts can succeed in traditionally extroverted careers, such as sales or advanced leadership jobs. Charisma is not always telling the best joke or the perfectly polished sales pitch. It is also being able to ask great questions, have a conversation, and listen to customer needs. As an introvert, you may also appreciate that great questions can allow you to have genuine interaction without feeling like you need to be the life of the party.

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