How to use Cards & Conversation for Counseling

Thank you to the professional counselors, couples, supportive friends, and family who tell us how you are using Cards & Conversation. You will find us in couples and family counseling, grief counseling, support groups, and rehab facilities.

If you are discovering Cards & Conversation for the first time, we appreciate the moment to introduce ourselves. Cards & Conversation was developed over a 6-year period while asking thousands of questions to friends, family, coworkers, strangers, and groups of all types. We were not designed for specific diagnosis or treatment. In fact, we were designed for social situations ranging from the family dinner table to social get-togethers to professional events.

That range of uses is the reason Cards & Conversation has been so popular for counseling. There are over 200 questions on a traditional deck of playing cards. Topics range from funny and imaginative to deep and thought-provoking. 4 questions on each card let you choose an appropriate topic for the situation or play a game of Go-Fish when you need a moment to reflect. We are good at getting people talking and that is a giant first step in offering support and counseling. Scroll down to see reviews . 

Professional Counselors: Thank you for the important work you do. We are here to open the conversation, build rapport, or bring a group together. You are the expert, and we are proud to support you.

"I am a licensed counselor and I have used them in clinical settings where we answer questions going around the group. They are a fun way to start conversations that normally might not happen."

by: CJBJ

"I am an alcohol and drug counselor. These are a great way to get clients to open up about their life and a fun alternative to the normal counseling setting."

by: Charles

"I am a therapist. These cards help build rapport."

by: Barbara

"I use these with my youth group."

by Tamarra

"This is a great aid. Much less expensive than some of the better-known games, and just as effective."

by: CQ

Non-Professional Counselors, Individuals, and Couples: We are not a replacement for professional counseling, but we can help you connect, communicate, overcome, and heal. Great conversation starters build trust and open the door to deeper conversation. Cards & Conversation allows you to have a light conversation or ask the person to tell you more about a sensitive topic. If a customer review below does not describe your situation, feel free to either search more reviews on Amazon or email us if you have a question.

"Really like that there are 4 questions on each card. Questions range in intensity but they are timeless. Good choice for personal and group use."

by: Mary

"Goal achieved: Better, insightful conversation with any type of participant (stranger, partner, friend, family)."

by: Dianna

"I looked at several "couples questions" products and am glad I settled on this one."

by: Brandy

"...wife and I are pleased to recommend them."

by: James

"...the conversations help us deal with stressful times."

by: Cheryl A

We encourage you to try Cards & Conversation as well as continue to seek professional guidance when needed. Order on Amazon or via the link below and we'll ship direct to your door. Type “counsel” and “support” on our Amazon site to see more real customer reviews.

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