One essential item for your makerspace

Your makerspace might be 3D printers and soldering irons. It might be paper towel rolls and crayons. A makerspace does not have to be expensive, but it should inspire and engage students. Great conversation starters may provide the mental boost your child needs to be their best.

Harvard research identified benefits of communication with students that included boosts in vocabulary and academic achievement as well a reduction of high-risk behaviors. Additionally, communication improves active listening and negotiation skills along with logical reasoning and problem solving.

Feel free to print these conversation starters. No download or purchase required; however, please consider ordering Cards & Conversation for your family, school, Makerspace, work, or other groups.

Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

Cards & Conversation is not a kiddie toy that your child outgrows. They are just as appropriate in your makerspace as your family dinner table. 200 unique conversation topics range from funny and imaginative to deep and thought-provoking. We print on high-grade German card stock so your children can also build card castles or use the traditional card deck to play Memory or Go-Fish. Order on Amazon or order below and we will ship direct to your door. We genuinely believe this is the best conversation product available and hope you do too.

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