Questions about Mental Health

Welcome to the “Change the World” series, by Cards & Conversation. This article asks questions about mental health stigma and concepts. If you would rather talk with someone about your mental health or theirs, please scroll down and click the free conversation guides. 

Authentic conversation can be an important step in both identifying where someone is with their mental health and in letting people know you can be a friend or trusted support. While no download or purchase is required, please consider ordering Cards & Conversation for your family, relationships, coworkers, or groups of all types. They are great for casual conversation and those deeper discussions.

The questions below may lead you to examine your own thoughts and feelings, or they may be a great conversation to have with someone else. Mental health searches on Google have increased due to Covid-19, racial inequality, job loss, and social loneliness. Whatever your reason for coming to this site, we hope you find support and answers. Please print these conversation starters, share them, Zoom and FaceTime with them, or connect in person. They are yours to use as you choose.

Additional resources for mental health conversation guides: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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