8 Benefits of Family Dinner Conversation

8 Benefits of Family Dinner Conversation


A survey asked American Teens when they were most likely to talk to their parents: dinner was their top answer. The Family Dinner Project is a Harvard Research study led by a diverse group that share a belief in the power of family dinners. 

Family Dinner has been studied by a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds. The Family Dinner Project includes parents and non-parents, from different types of families. Ages range from "young professional" to "Medicare-eligible". Collective experience includes education, family therapy, research, food, design, social work, marketing, and communication. Their work encourages families to come together around the dinner table and benefit from the power of shared meals.

8 benefits of family dinner conversation include:

  • For children, dinnertime conversation boosts vocabulary even more than being read aloud to
  • For adolescents, it is a powerful predictor of high academic achievement scores
  • Associated with more positive moods and positive view of the future
  • Associated with reduction of high risk behaviors such as drugs and violence
  • Improved active listening skills
  • Enhanced logical reasoning
  • Stronger negotiating skills
  • Creative problem solving

While asking "How was your day?" will get the conversation started some days, other days may require more prompting to start chatting. Cards & Conversation are one great option to connect around the dinner table. Check out dinner reviews. You can order on Amazon or add to cart below and we'll ship from Denver direct to your door.

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