Game Ideas

We labeled it Cards & Conversation instead of Cards & Competition but that didn't matter. You felt competitive anyway and we loved it! Here are a few favorites submitted by customers.

1. Sit down with a friend, family, coworker, or stranger and just talk. Grab some snacks or a glass of wine. Chat for a short time or long time. Make the conversation entertaining or serious. There are no rules so use Cards & Conversation however you choose.

2. One person asks the question and every player gives their answer to that question. The winner of the round is the person with the best answer. This is similar to rules for games like Apples-to-Apples or Cards Against Humanity but instead of playing an answer card, each player is actually giving an answer.

3. Modify questions with things like "in the last month" or make a rule that the person has to answer the question without using the letter "s".  This keeps answers fresh and new rules can lead to a lot of laughter in a party atmosphere.

4. Answer the question in 15 words or less or in 30 seconds or less. Great for ice breakers, meeting new people, and professional events.

5. Play regular card games and the winner gets to choose to ask/answer a question. Great for nights you would rather play card games but also want casual conversation.

6. The person answering the question is challenged to give the answer they believe their spouse, family, partner, or other person would say. Similar to a dating contest to quiz how well people know each other.

7. Set a timer in a work atmosphere or take a drink in a party atmosphere. Choose one question and everyone joins the discussion. No rules except conversation ends when the timer stops or somebody takes another drink.

8. Conversations with kids. While some topics are better suited for adults, questions are appropriate for children. Some parents remove the Jokers as several questions discuss dating. 

9. Brainstorm. Find a question that really makes you pause and think. Some questions might make you think of a business idea, a relationship goal, or a recent event. Instead of rushing through the response, set the cards aside and have an in-depth discussion until everyone feels satisfied the topic has been discussed in enough detail.

10. Beginning July 2021, Cards & Conversation introduced the 55th card. Like any traditional deck, we have 54 cards, including 2 jokers. The 55th card allows you to change up your conversation. You might change it based on the group you are with or just how you feel. The card is optional and gives you 3 ways to change the conversation.

  • Tell me more... (ask for more information)
  • Pass... (choose not to answer the question)
  • Change the topic... (choose another card or make up your own question)

The 55th card can either be placed in the center and used by anyone at any time or the dealer gets the card and can pass it on after using.

11. Spend some alone time. Pick a card and write a journal or blog entry, self-reflect, or get inspired.

Have a new idea?  Instagram us a picture and your story @cards_conversation or email [email protected]

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