How to avoid political arguments

This article is your guide when you’d rather not discuss politics but cannot just walk away. That might be with coworkers, during holidays with extended family, or even your own dinner table. Politics is also a broad term. It may be the vote for Presidential election, school representative, or that controversial vote for organizer of the next block party.

First, a few tips. Be familiar with workplace or other rules that may prohibit discussing politics. When sharing your viewpoints, keep them brief. The odds of swaying a person who disagrees are exceptionally low. Try to diffuse or deflect the situation. Finally, do not gloat or pout about an outcome and do not ask loaded questions that can lead to heated discussions and hard feelings.

While no political conversation topic is perfect, the questions below should allow you to continue talking with low risk of the conversation getting out of control. If you would rather change the subject, please consider ordering Cards & Conversation. Keep them with you as a quick alternative to have meaningful conversation without the controversy. 

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