Cards & Conversation

A story of 6 years...

Cards & Conversation took 6 careful years to develop. It was a Labor of Love. We asked thousands of questions with couples, family, friends, strangers, and clients to offer you the very best product we could design.  We believe Cards & Conversation is truly unique for its ability to appropriately engage with groups of all types.

Cards & Conversation include over 200 conversation starters. Topics range from funny and imaginative to deep and thought-provoking. You will "ooh and ahh" at the new things you learn about even your closest loved ones. 

We print on high grade German card stock and the ink is cured so it looks sharp and is easy to read.  Cards are machine cut for smooth edges and a UV finish is applied to give it that slick feel as you shuffle or deal.  You'll notice the quality every time.

Outstanding Amazon reviews confirm our 6 year development process was worth the wait! A family business in Denver, CO we still frequently have Conversation Cards at our family dinner table.  When is the last time you got 6 years of use from a $20 purchase?



Dinner tables in all 50 states

4 continents

Care packages to U.S. military

Zoom and FaceTime chats

First dates and 10, 20, 30 year anniversaries

While driving the kids to school

Girls night in, social mixers, holiday parties

Road trips and weekend getaways

Company gifts and meeting ice breakers

Language classes and speech therapy

Rehab clinics and support groups

Hospital and long term care facilities

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