7 Free Xenophobia Conversation Starters

Welcome to the Change the World series. This article was prompted by the surge in violence against Asian-Americans though it is also relevant for other nationalities. Xenophobia can be a difficult topic and that is part of the reason these are conversations worth having. No purchase or download required.

To set a little context, let us define several terms. Racism is the belief that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Xenophobia is the fear or hatred or strangers or anything that is strange or foreign.

These conversation topics might make you feel uncomfortable. That's OK. If necessary, talk with family or a close friend and then try to broaden your circle. We owe it to ourselves and our future generations to make progress on tackling xenophobia. Starting a conversation can make a difference.

The questions below are yours to use and we sincerely hope they help. Getting to know a person beyond their national origin or ancestry can also help improve relationships and break down barriers. Consider ordering Conversation Cards. Over 200 great conversation starters are a great way to connect with people you already know and people you want to get to know better.

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